Sublunar Test [v0.1c]

Check the box if you agree with the corresponding statement. You could have guessed it by yourself.

  1. Food is...
    1. a basic human need, what's the big deal?
    2. a scarce resource, unfortunately
    3. a permanent temptation, a daily nightmare
    4. the most enjoyable pleasure in life
    5. what makes you grow old
    6. a hard task to prepare but a delight to appreciate
    7. meant to be shared in enjoyable meals with friends
    8. useless, i'm well fed with light
    9. important, why else would it be the very first subject in this test?
    10. what we are
    11. a miracle

  2. Sleep...
    1. my favorite activity, being awake sucks
    2. yeah, nice, but not alone, and sex has to be involved
    3. an occasion to practice the art of dreaming
    4. a waste of time... if only i could be awake 24/7
    5. my welcomed daily break, i'm always soooooooo tired
    6. a hidden gate to the initial cosmic night

  3. Being physically in shape...
    1. is irrelevant, only spiritual / intellectual stuff matters
    2. is important for the seduction process
    3. is interesting but secondary
    4. yes, i want it, but not to the point to do anything about it
    5. i need it to have an harmonious relationship with Nature
    6. relies essentially on the pubococcygeus muscle
    7. is not enough; you have to be brawny to be someone
    8. never! mens insana in corpore insano is my motto

  4. The world is...
    1. the place we live in
    2. a fractal
    3. a hologram
    4. a kaleidoscopic holographic fractal matrix
    5. a dream
    6. a temporary accomodation
    7. just like i need it
    8. so unfair
    9. so beautiful
    10. Hell!
    11. not enough
    12. *my* world
    13. a set of rules
    14. a wavefunction
    15. a quantum computer
    16. an illusion
    17. a playground

  5. Free will...
    1. is being able to do what i want to do
    2. is being able to do what i don't want to do
    3. is a mere illusion anyway since everything is preprogrammed
    4. is funny because to have it you have to know that you have it
    5. is something i should be grateful for
    6. is unfortunately possessed by other people too
    7. can grow
    8. free what?
    9. sucks! if only we were robots
    10. you mean free willY

  6. Alcohol is...
    1. morally reprehensible
    2. fun! you can create an ester my making it react with acid, then synthesize soap!
    3. found, by a fortunate coincidence, in beer, wine, whiskey, rum, vodka, absinth, etc
    4. distasteful ; i don't understand what's the big deal with it
    5. something i don't mention nor drink (like Ned Flanders)
    6. harmful and unhealthy, i know, but i drink it anyway
    7. a way to be temporarily more clever via the so-called Ballmer peak
    8. the king of all medicine
    9. what girls drink before going wild
    10. an ingredient i use to control other people
    11. enjoyable but hey, no more than three glasses
    12. the only ingredient needed for a good binge plan
    13. even better when sniffed
    14. I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.

  7. Marijuana is...
    1. morally reprehensible
    2. something which you must *never* use because it will ruin your life
    3. this strange metallic thing with five leaves that teenagers have on their necklaces?
    4. an Hispanic first name
    5. a neuronal killer
    6. for sheeps who are attracted by it only cause it's illegal in some countries
    7. a very naughty plant which should be burnt
    8. a way to access some hidden memories
    9. undefinable, nobody knows what marijuana is, let alone hash
    10. ??? the sky is high... and so am i...

  8. Psychedelic drugs are...
    1. morally reprehensible
    2. used by dangerous junkies and crazy children killers
    3. some artificial tenderness to escape from reality
    4. a way to have nice hallucinations
    5. fun at parties!
    6. on Earth for a reason
    7. something i just don't want to know about
    8. periculous only when taken irresponsibly
    9. a portal to other worlds
    10. an entrance to *real* artistic and scientific creativity
    11. an illusion bringing to a fictitious wilder awareness
    12. a neurological tool to study the brain
    13. a waste of time
    14. psy what?

  9. Love is...
    1. morally reprehensible
    2. a waste of time, there is so much more important stuff
    3. for weak people who cannot control their emotions
    4. an interesting mixture between biology and chemistry involving hormones and electricity
    5. 2=1
    6. just unexplainable with words, ok?
    7. one of the poles of the love/apprehension dipole
    8. an evolution mechanism ensuring survival of the species
    9. more important than this test, wtf am i doing here?
    10. better than any drug
    11. a drug anyway........

  10. We're here on Earth...
    1. to devour each other alive
    2. to earn a lot of money since it is the key to happiness
    3. to seat at boards of administration
    4. to suffer in order to expiate our sins
    5. to suffer, no matter why
    6. to work for other people
    7. to watch TV
    8. to have fun
    9. but why?
    10. so what?
    11. well, i'm not really on Earth right now...

  11. God...
    1. created humans
    2. was created by humans
    3. exists only if you believe in him/her
    4. has a special sense of humor
    5. is just another word for Nature
    6. is just another word for Morals
    7. is the Big Bang
    8. is "dog" reversed, and this is not a coincidence
    9. G + O + D = 7 + 15 + 4 = 10 + 5 + 6 + 5, not a coincidence...
    10. wait, there are several Gods
    11. Santa for grown-ups
    12. a kewl imaginary friend
    13. is beyond any conceivable scope
    14. you know what, i don't care

  12. Antisolipsism is...
    1. a smart concept
    2. a stupid concept
    3. i don't know the meaning but i guess it's the opposite of "solipsicm"
    4. i didn't know the meaning but i read the last proposition and now i know
    5. an episode of Dinosaur comics
    6. not worse than David Madore's "totipsism"
    7. believing that you don't exist and are in fact the creation of everyone else's thoughts

  13. The correct answers of this test...
    1. are given by the "Get Results" button just below
    2. are somewhere on another page
    3. are nowhere on the site (i checked!) but should appear shortly
    4. exist, although the "Get Results" button seems to produce a pseudorandom string
    5. ???


Little Neo, nov 2007 (last updated: Sep 2010)

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