Version: 4.04 (05/21/2002)

En francais c'est mieux !

Where am I ?
In the N-login download area.

Really? What's that ?
A small 100% text-mode program to control access to your PC.

How does it work? With a password at the boot?
Absolutely. After 3 failed attempts to log-in the computer reboots.

So if I change the password I have to tell it to everyone ?
In fact N-login is multi-user. Each user has his own password.
All is supervised by the admin (Root).

Well. Is that all ?
It's also possible to use a floppy instead of a password.
There is an invisible mode. And a log of all the log-in attempts.
And a custom message at the boot. And a "Boss Key" in case of...

What I want is to configure authorization periods.
Each user (except the Root) has his own authorized intervals for
each day of the week. Bonus: an expiration date for each account.

I'd like to see screenshots.
Everybody like that.It's here.

How could I download the software ?
That's a good idea. The english version is here:

  Download N-login v4.04

This new version is naturally compatible with the previous.
Unfortunately not. You have to download a conversion program.

It doesn't work under Unix !
Unfortunately this program protects only Dos/Win3.x/9x partitions.
But there are a lot of more performant softs with Unix.

It doesn't work under WinXP/WinMe!
Unfortunately, no. Change your OS...

N-login destroyed my computer !
Unfortunately this program comes without warranty.
But any bug can be reported here.
[Same address for death threats]

My 7 years old little brother succeeded in bypassing the program !
Unfortunately I think that this soft is far from beeing invincible.
There are precisions for optimal security in the readme file.

This soft is definitely pathetic ! I want my money back !
Unfortunately this program is free.

Actually I found a better program than yours.
Unfortunately that's possible. Sad for me.