You're affected by a destructive illness which can only be cured by a combination of two medications.

Every day for one month you need to take exactly one tablet of Bromibul and one tablet of Patarax. These are very powerful drugs, and any wrong dosing is fatal.

Everything goes fine, until the day where the following happens: you just took one tablet from the Bromibul bottle, and you were tapping one tablet from the Patarax bottle but unfortunately two tablets fell into your hand. Now you have three tablets, but because Bromibul and Patarax look exactly the same (same rectangular shape, same red color, same 5g weight...) you can't tell which one is which. Now you can't throw them away because you have only the exact number of tablets required for the treatment.

What do you do to take your daily dose without wasting any tablet?

(Thanks to C.R.!)


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