Why watch TV shows: yet another TV drinking game

As it turns out, TV shows are not as worthless as expected, for they provide endless drinking games!

You hearYou drink (suggestion)
words and basic expressions
"password"Beer (1 sip)
"Thank you"Beer (1 sip)
"Pleeeease"Beer (1 sip)
"Jack"Beer (1 sip)
"fish"Beer (1 sip)
"system failure"Beer (1 sip)
"sweetheart"Beer (1 sip)
"donut"Beer (1 sip)
"Sir"Beer (1 sip)
"pro bono"Beer (2 sips)
"Hidely ho"Beer (2 sip)
"Damn'it"Beer (2 sips)
"lockdown"Beer (2 sips)
"Copy that"Beer (2 sips)
"Excellent!"Beer (2 sips)
["DEA"|"FBI"|"CIA"|"NSA"|"CTU"]Beer (3 sips)
"D'oh!"Beer (3 sips)
"Previously on"Beer (3 sips)
Telephone ringingBeer (1 sip)
Mobile ringing / beepingBeer (1 sip)
GunfireBeer (1 sip)
SirenBeer (2 sips)
AlarmBeer (2 sips)
Computer errorBeer (3 sips)
advanced expressions / sentences (general)
"Viewer discretion is advised"Beer (3 sips)
"Wait a minute"Gin (1)
"I need to get out of here"Rum (1)
"What's [wrong|the problem|the matter] with you?"Rum (1)
"I'm sorry I'm late"Tequila (2)
"[It was|I just wanted|I was trying] to protect you"Beer (half-pint)
"Leave [us|me] alone"Vodka (2)
"Who are you?"Vermouth (2)
"We have a situation"Vodka (2)
"Everything's gonna be [all right|OK]"Rum (2)
"What's going on?Vodka (2)
"I love you"Champagne (1 flute)
advanced expressions / sentences (specific)
"Got some tits?"Whiskey/Bourbon (2)
"Save the cheerleader, save the world."Tequila (2)
"We're running out of time!"Vodka (2)
"4 8 15 16 23 42"Rum (2)
"Tell me what you don't like about yourself"Vodka (2)
"The less you know, the better"Sangria (1 glass)
"They killed Kenny"Beer (1 pint)
extra bonuses
"Give what back?"Kahlúa (2)
"You and I just know it will be a little bit more than that"Sherry (2)
"What about Palestine?"Cointreau (1)
"He's a yellow belt just like you"Bukha (2)
"Never put the peanut butter in the refridgerator"Amaretto (2)
"Surely the most heinous criminal deserves a seventh chance"Grand Marnier (1)
"Hear no Evil"Armagnac (1)
"Better safe than sorry"Vodka (4)
"It was programmed by a musician"Drambuie (1)
"A murder of the worst kind"Peppermint (1)
"I'm not your life coach"Absinth (Cz method)

tvdg v0.1a (03.2008)

Of course, elegant people won't drink sophisticated spirits while watching TV, nor mix them with beer, and so may stick to beer-only games. Determining the equivalent beer dose for each case is left as an exercise to them.

Bonus: the ten best Simpsons episodes.

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Little Neo, 2008