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(Jan 14)
2013 most popular page
Desert Island Selection 01/14
(Jul 13)
Desert Island Selection 07/13
(Feb 13)
Metazapping 2012
(Jan 13)
2012 most popular page
Desert Island Selection 01/13
(Nov 12)
still more to meditate
(Aug 12)
new riddle: a story with skeletons
(Jul 12)
Desert Island Selection 07/12
(Jun 12)
a green scheduler: ecocron
(May 12)
new track: Welcome back Agent Cooper
(Feb 12)
still more to meditate
interviews with Bernard Lietaer: additional link appended
translation : Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond? (by Edward J. Epstein)
Metazapping 2011
(Jan 12)
pic2mov: 3 new movies (99-101)
2011 most popular page
Desert Island Selection 01/12 (new layout)
(Nov 11)
The sublunar circus is ten years old.
(Oct 11)
new riddle: a story with stars
pic2mov: 3 new movies (96-98)
(Aug 11)
new riddle: a story with medications
pic2mov: 6 new movies (90-95)
(Jul 11)
still more to meditate
DIS 07/11
(May 11)
new bitcoin address
(Feb 11)
Metazapping 2010 (+ rescaling)
(Jan 11)
code: pdf2pocketmod
program: 100 push ups
2010 most popular page
DIS 01/11
(Dec 10)
new gpg key
(Nov 10)
pic2mov: 3 new movies (87-89)
(Sep 10)
french translation of The acceleration of addictiveness (by Paul Graham)
meta-novelty: most popular pages
minor update of the sublunar test
(Jul 10)
new riddle: a story with triangles
new article in the selenic gazette: Teenager tragically UDs on homeopathic medication
pic2mov: 3 new movies (84-86)
DIS 07/10
(Jun 10)
two easy but nice riddles: a story with an odd man out, a story with a non-twin
Why be an illusive shark
(May 10)
stickybits utilities: stickybytes
pic2mov: 3 new movies (45,82,83) + 1 permutation
(Apr 10)
The 10 best Simpsons episodes
(Feb 10)
Metazapping 2009
(Jan 10)
DIS 01/10
(Dec 09)
pic2mov: 6 new movies (75-80)
(Oct 09)
pic2mov: 6 new movies (69-74) + accentuation insensitivity
new riddles: Casino Royale, a story with diamonds
new story: Finding Murakami
(Sep 09)
2 new t-shirts (under, selenium)
new story: Abdelkrim (in french)
How the book The nomad soul is created
(Aug 09)
New stuff to meditate
All the stories now available on a single PDF!
(Jul 09)
french translation of Why McDonald's Fries Taste So Good (by Eric Schlosser)
Meditation Outlawed, an article from the new Selenic Gazette
a new optical illusion ("colors")
cosmetics: Virtual Message
DIS 07/09
(Jun 09)
2 new t-shirts (hugs, soli)
text: L'élégance du Hérisson (in french)
pic2mov: six new movies (21,23,36,64-66) + a few permutations
(May 09)
pic2mov: three new movies (60-62) + option: show/hide all the answers + trilogical tags
(Apr 09)
The IRCization of the web: toward a new dialectic way of learning (in french)
Cyclos: an open source community currency software (in french) (preamble)
french translation of Drugs That Shape Men's Minds (by Aldous Huxley)
the doors of perception: a few internal / external links
(Mar 09)
TV Zeitgeist (metazapping) 2001-2008 (in french)
upd: solution of the "story à la Monty Hall" riddle
Google acquires Facebook
(Feb 09)
new riddle: a story with hats + some help for the "magic square" problem
new story: Phénix (in french)
Virtual Message (v0.3): optional gpg encryption added (explanation)
(Jan 09)
Parody (in french): La cocaïne dans la vaseline
DIS 01/09
(Dec 08)
pic2mov: six new films (54-59) + numbering
Why there is no destiny (in french)
(Nov 08)
The site celebrates its 7th birthday, the age of discretion ;
for this purpose it gets a name: the sublunar circus.
2 new t-shirts (turing, nexists)
french translation of two interviews with Bernard Lietaer
(slightly radical) upd: What to do with your life? [v3] (in french)
(Oct 08)
How to see Heaven (in french)
new story: Scarecrow
49 lucid experiments
upd: ats / ata (new public key)
cosmetics (fonts, contrast)
(Sep 08)
4 new t-shirts (jenseits, matrix, anonymous, mention)
pic2mov: six new films (48-53)
new enigma: a story with Y (preamble)
(Aug 08)
new story: Ariel (in french)
upd: sublunar test v0.1b
(Jul 08)
Desert Island Selections: |<   <   >   >|
DIS 07/08
(Jun 08)
A new meditation support
Smile and identity: pictures
(May 08)
The Meaning of Life found!
(Apr 08)
pic2mov: new films (45-47)
(Mar 08)
Why watch TV shows
(Feb 08)
Why meditate
Why the unknown is trustworthy
(Jan 08)
Text: The value of money (in french) + bonus: french translation and subtitles of the movie "Money as Debt"
deletion: End of the Tunnel
pic2mov: png → jpg conversion ⇒ lighter
sound system: gopher → web
DIS 01/08
(Dec 07)
new story: Funchameleon (in french)
pic2mov: nine new films (36-44), included a trilogy
Toward the unknowable v2 (still in french)
(Nov 07)
2 new t-shirts
Text: Smile and identity (in french)
new test: the Sublunar Test v0.1
upd: About the site / About the author (w/ pic!) (ok, a bit blurry)
(Oct 07)
new: Live your dreams (v2) (in french)
Text: french translation: Consciousness is finite (by Scott Aaronson)
(Sep 07)
new enigma: Magic Square
pic2mov: new films (33-35)
merge: public key cryptography → secure p2p communication (v2)
(Aug 07)
upd: Toward randomness (v2) (in french)
upd: What to do with your life? (v2) (in french)
(Jul 07)
pic2mov: new films (30-32)
DIS 07/07
(Jun 07)
Text: it's gonna be five o'clock somewhere
upd: this website is not a blog (in french, v2)
(May 07)
upd: forbidden numbers
kewl: new interface
kewl: sheesha, slim, spare $ 500 000 (all three in french)
upd: t-shirts (2 new ones + new design)
(Apr 07)
new enigmas: a story à la Monty Hall, a story about AIDS.
(Mar 07)
upd: coronation of markers (v2)
pic2mov: input.maxlength correction + js detection
new enigma: a story with dices
Virtual Message (v0.2): introducing a Turing test
(Feb 07)
Sphinx → new interface
new: a story of rationality
upd: a story with rectangles
zZz → G**gle's eyes v2
(Jan 07)
New section: stories (at present in french)
Upd: cake, the quines
DIS 01/07
(Dec 06)
meta update: this page now links to the concerned pages
pic2mov: new movies (21-29) + script update
New section: kids
(Jun 06)
New interface (xhtml/DOM) with preloading, isn't that cool?
Source code of laer available online.
(May 06)
Text: Toward randomness, in french, will maybe be translated
Text: End of the tunnel, in french
pic2mov: new movies
transfer: future → Cave
New interface for the enigmas
(Mar 06)
New interface
New section: code
Why... you shouldn't trust your eyes
Text: The Future (David Dalrymple)
(Jan 06)
pic2mov: new movies + a now working script
Source code of ipridi and vertical available online
Text: Toward the unknowable, in french, will maybe be translated
DIS 01/06
(Dec 05)
3 texts: p2p communication v1, PKC, coronation of markers.
Also, a game about movies.
(Nov 05)
new: zZz → G**gle's eyes, kewl → t-shirts
(Aug 05)
So... one or two new enigmas, a new text, introducing ipridi, update of xtratego (v0.2!), and and and... a trick to earn ca$h.
(Jun 05)
To let the poor visitor quickly spot the new stuff here, coming up at a so fast pace, here is a page telling somehow what's new on sfo.
(Nov 01 - May 05)

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